Welcome to luckweek!!!

We are an international e-commerce site that provides the most innovative shoes to our friends in the United States, where fashion and lifestyle coexist are our features. We select and share the best cost-effective shoes from tens of thousands of shoes on the market.

luckweek has always been firm in its original intention - So Affordable, Good Life.

In the long-term development, luckweek will strive to achieve the highest fashion brand with the least money. Through continuous exploration and continuous discovery, we will share more beautiful things with customers who trust us.

At the same time we also take pride in designing our products; we are always exploring our own brand identity, trying to keep up with every new trend and designing new shoes with character, so every month we regularly drop new products. So, never have to worry about less style. We also welcome customers to exchange style experience with us.

At Luckweek, we always stand by CUSTOMER FIRST.

Customers are our foundation, and there is no luckweek without our customers! The needs and requirements of customers are always luckweek's first consideration. So, great customers, please don't be stingy to get in touch with Luckweek, feel free to contact us at support@luckweek.com.

We look forward to your suggestions and comments on support@luckweek.com